Mural Title: Origins

Location: 120 N Spring St, Searcy, AR 72143

Project Description:

A zentangle menagerie depicts the origin of the Searcy settlement. In the early days, a trapper tracked a bear and happened upon the sulfur springs where Spring Park is currently located. The sulfur springs were believed to have medicinal properties and became a tourist destination for health-seekers. The settlement led to the growth of agriculture with popular crops such as soy bean, cotton and strawberry. Oxen-pulled carts would stand in queue at the cotton gin waiting their turn to deposit the harvest. Propelling Searcy forward was the establishment of the “iron horse” railway access providing better opportunities for trade and travel. Searcy soon became a hub of commerce and entertainment for the region and served as host to a parade of elephants passing by the very building this mural is painted on. Mural artist, Jason White with White’s Artworks, collaborated with concept originator Casey McLeod to bring Searcy’s story to life.